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The offices having the following features are known to benefit the most from Business IP Telephone System:

We supports sip trunking between most of  modern day IP telephony solutions and your service provider. We can create sip trunk connection to Avaya Telephone system,Panasonic Telephone System, ,Nec Telephone system ,Asterisk telephone systems  and most modern day    IP Telephone solutions.It will be very helpful if you want reduce the cost of line hardware and usability of your  office telephone systems.

Sip Trunking with Etisalath or Du






















Office Telephone System UAE

Businesses definitely are seeing varied needs in the infrastructural front, especially in the communication systems. For the past several years, with the technological advance, business has been preparing for the major challenges in the realm of Telephone system communication. Communication infrastructure being an important element, it is essential for the organizations to come up with the advanced systems and solution for the business success – it makes the communication happen in a timely and productive manner. Owing to the success, many of the organizations begin to employ advanced systems and solutions to gain maximum productivity and profitability. The digital age has shaped the  communication management in an effective way- hence investing into the state of the art solutions results in the better utilization of the resources, great returns on investment, affordable and latest solutions - thanks to VOIP technology.

Avaya Dubai Grandstream PBX Panasonic PBX System Dubai NEC PBX Dubai Dlink IP PBX Dubai Sangoma FreePBX Dubai Cisco Telephone System Dubai

Have you decided to change the telephone system for your Business?

In response to the growing communication needs, it is imperative to power business with the core IP PBX systems to bring max gains. Advanced office telephone system means reduced call costs, better utilization of the bandwidth, faster communication, good functionality, flexibility and more.  If you have been decided to go for the advanced telephone system, it is worth to rely on an experienced player, where they can provide solution from the scratch. A good solution provider take the responsibility to build infrastructure with the latest systems from the popular brands available in the market. We carry all the major office telephone systems brands for our customers. Our Products are Avaya Telephone System, Grandstream Telephone System, Panasonic Telephone System, Dlink Telephone System , Yeastar MyPBX, IP Telephone System , Sansoma FreePBX, Cisco Telephone System and LG Ericsson Telephone System. Along with the Telephone System we carry SIP IP Phones from Grandstream,Fanvil, Dlink, Yealink ,RTX and Cisco.

You can have a great office telephone system for the following reasons.

 Make it easy for the business to contact with the clients

 Enable your business to engage with other aspects of business in an effective manner.

 It represents a great savings on your investment

 Allows for the personalized business service for your enterprise

 Allows for the performance monitoring

 A good tool to generate revenue and grow your organization

With the right IP telephone  system pbx, your communication dealings can be precise, interactive, safe and confidential. Some of the convincing facts you should be aware when looking for an office telephone system (IP PBX)

 VOIP features and functions

 Redundancy capabilities

 Expanding user and integration support with other devices

 SIP trucking facilities

 Voice mail feature

Experience the power of office telephone system in Dubai.

Dubai, being an advanced city, refining the business communication is as important as running the business. In an ever growing environment, it is required to have an advanced telephone system so as to reap the gains. With the advanced office telephone systems you can add new extensions as the business grows, have the complete control of the calls, easy to manage through the web browser and the cost effective long distance calls. As more and more businesses take steps to enhance connectivity and nurture the communication infrastructure, it is good for you to come up with the advanced systems to revel in.

Choose the right telephone companies in Dubai, UAE

It is always essential to choose the right telephone company for your office telephone systems. We have the expertise to install PBX System and IP Phones that best suited with clients needs. We help our customers to toose whether they want a traditional pabx system or a modern IP PBX System by a proper consultation as well as studyingtheir business model.  Vector Digital Systems L.L.C Supply and install Office Telephone System all over UAE,That included Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman , Abudhabi , Ras Al Kaimah , Alain , & Fujairah.

Office Telephone Systems

CRM Telephone Integration

We Change the way you direct your business by creating an integrated engagement experience for your customers and your employees with the CRM Telephone Integration. Users can benefit from telephone systems, email , conferencing, contact center, unified communications In the flexible ip pbx platform. With CRM Telephone Systems integration all a number directly from your CRM by clicking on it. All outgoing and incoming calls are automatically stored in your activities, which also provides access to telephony statistics directly in your dashboards.

The Computer Telephony Integration in Dubai or CTI enables a functional connection between a workstation, an application and a phone. This complementary solution to your CRM allows you to significantly improve the relationship with your customers, ease of use and above all offers time savings to be more productive.

Call Center Solutions

customer engagement, digital channels, customer experience, CX platform, self-service ... discover all the good practices with our call center soltions. Our Call center solutions are Everything about the deployment of a customer experience simple and efficient .Intelligent and custom routing of contacts ensures a perfect fit between your agents and customers. A proper call center set up helps to build your brand and encourage customer loyalty over the long term.We help  your company to more effectively manage all types of customer interactions. We are experts in building and maintaining personalized relationships between your brand and your customers.We strive to give you the  highest quality call center services to our clients and have a dedicated team for call center solutions.

Call Center Solution Dubai CRM Telephone Integration Yeastar MyPBX UAE

Before you can take advantage of any telephone system it is being professionally installed. Our company ensures the installation, maintenance and services for telephone systems (PBXs) and IP PBX. We offer products such as telephone systems / PBXs and for this appropriate telephones. Together with the delivery of the PBX phone system, we offer the qualified installers, the complete service and the long-term maintenance of the telephone system.We build  customer service environment on the experience and professionalism of our technicians and to the well-established support back end. Our PBX System service include optimization of communication solution that exactly meets your needs.

The way we communicate is constantly changing. New ways , new technologies and new communication devices involved in the business telephone system every day.We keep our self up to date to provide best service to our customers.

PBX System Installation & Office Telephone System Service

PBX Installation Dubai