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NEC telephone system

Technology is transforming business at its core, allowing companies to become more productive and efficient. With the advantages, now the companies are convinced to have the advanced systems and solutions that can lead to success. Most of the organizations are pouring investment into refurbishing or building new communication infrastructure and digital skills to compete with the evolving trends. Now it seems that implementing and gauging with the advanced systems are required to have a competitive edge over the competitors. Significantly, it is this ever increasing demands of the industry that propels the major companies like the NEC to come with the advanced systems and solutions.

NEC Corporation is the global player engaged in the development of production  of advanced telephone system and solutions to the industries of all sizes. The phone systems from NEC is a versatile communication solution for every industry - combining the best of technology, the company has the capacity to meet the customer requirement in a great way.

Move with the leader in the technology

If you are looking for a closer and quicker integration within your business, a trusted and branded telephone system is essential. NEC has got the greatest digital and IP phones around, all ranked high. The advantage in using the NEC phones are its instant feature access. These phones are smart intelligent tools combined with the incredibly advanced features designed for the ever demanding requirements of the industries across wide domains.

With the proper endpoint management and provisioning, carrier and hardware flexibility, NEC phone systems have become a favorable pick for many businesses. Moreover some of the NEC phone series could be able to customize according to the user needs.

It delivers, wide assortment of phones and applications that allows the business to reap the benefits in terms of productivity. The family of IP phones, wireless systems and the softphones help the workers to get quick access to information, connectivity and individuals anywhere anytime. With the advanced features and functionalities NEC phones provide the power of communication the business wants. NEC is versatile in providing Unified communications and mobility solutions as well.

NEC Mobility Solutions

By understanding the requirement of faster and convenient communications, NEC comes with the solutions that empower the mobile workers to get in touch with anyone they need in a suitable way. NEC mobility solutions is the answer. It has the features and functionalities that bring mobility to business on the go. Some of the advantages in implementing the mobility solutions include the improved sales and productivity and the enhanced customer service.

Unified communications:  

Having the NEC unified communication solution will help the business to enjoy the productivity and profitability within. The unified communication solution allows the system to have access to voice mail, email and fax from any devices. The solution comprises of the Univerge 3C, UC suite, UC for enterprise, Univerge business connect and more.

Among the range of other NEC solutions it includes include the conferencing and recording solutions and Video communications as well.

Just consider some of the features of the NEC phone systems.

Scalability: Most of the series of NEC phones enable the users for the expansion without compromising efficiency.

Architecture:  The high-performance switching architecture allows the system to have infinitely add extension and intercom calls simultaneously.

Expert call handling: Call forwarding feature allows incoming calls to be forwarded to alternative extension or to another number.

Interactive Voice Assistance: Provides various voice facilities for the announcement of various messages in accord with the call status.

NEC Phones

The portfolio of NEC phones include

NEC DT400 Series Deskphones: Pleasingly designed and packed with advanced features, these phones enable complete user experience. The series support for the customization as per the needs of the customers.

NEC DT700 series Deskphones: This series are easy to customize and is simple to use and manage

NEC DT300 series Deskphones: Meeting the standards of communication, this series of NEC phones enable the employees to have greater efficiency and productivity. Its features include the user-friendly interfaces, modular design, Support XML Open interface and choice of either digital or IP terminals.

NEC Aspila EX: It is an exceptionally crafted system employing today’s communication tools in a clear cut business platform.

NEC Aspila Topaz: Aspila Topaz is a state of the art digital key telephone system that enables immediate business requirement of SME’s. It’s fully hybrid interface. Supports ISDN, programmable functions and Keys, scalable and digital.

The technology has changed the facets of the business.  Moving with the growing trends, customers are enthusiastically accepting these progressive technologies. Designed with the technology in front, NEC telephone systems have the power to change your communication infrastructure. Whether you are planning for a restructure in the telephone system or to implement the new system for your organization, NEC telephone systems have the solution for your communication need.

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